A good morning smile…

I went to a weekend photo-shoot arranged by our local photographers community P@P (Photographers @ Pune). This time we had gone to visit a place named Alandi. It is a holy place and pilgrimage center. We had a lot of fun shooting photos and learning from other photographers.

About this photo: We were at Alandi at Sunrise just catch the golden hours (morning light). This kid was swimming a little away from others as he wanted to cross the river by himself in one go. His little brother was chatting with me and telling about all things they were doing there, noticed his brother and called him to draw his attention to camera. As I was sporting my favorite 55-250, I easily picked him out from halfway across the river. (it is not a big river at all, more like a canal).  Anyway, this is what I got. A nice smile and a hearty thank you when he saw the photo later.


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