Hi, My name is Sudarshan Kadam.

About this blog:

The Perspective. A place for me to share my favorite photos. All of them are photographed by me of course. I try to describe my thoughts about the photo wherever I can. Because the purpose of this blog was to share my thoughts along with the photos. But somewhere I lost focus on thoughts and turned this into just a photoblog. I want to go back to my original purpose, and I am honestly trying Β to. Wish me luck. πŸ™‚

Photography is just my hobby and I don’t own any professional cameraΒ I recently got myself a Canon 1100D (Rebel T3) (which is a good entry-level DSLR). So now I can not complain about not having a good camera anymore. πŸ˜€ Anyway, still I just shoot whatever I see and like with whatever camera I got at hand. So if you are expecting high-resolution and high quality pictures and wallpapers then this place is not for you. (what a stupid line to say.. did I write this really? πŸ™„ )

About Mee:
As I have already written above, my name is Sudarshan. I am a software engineer by profession (bah..no big deal, who isn’t these days πŸ˜€ and it even sounds like a curse.. ‘I am a (damned) SW Engineer’ 😦 ). I never had used a camera as kid nor had seen much of computers till high school. (Yeah). So when my bro got me a Sony Ericsson K750i mobile, it was most precious gift I have ever received (it still is). It did not take me long to discover the digicam like quality of photos by my mobile. And that opened a new world for me. Till then, I never really had a real hobby other than eating n reading n eating while reading n reading while eating. So I got really hooked up with this mobile and ended up modifying its Firmware with help of some developer forums. So now I had multiple camera drivers on my mobile which gave me controls like Manual focus, Shutter speed, ISO, Exposure times, custom white balance etc. So now I had a portable manual camera in my hand. And as you might notice, there are some really good photos on this blog which were result of my K750i.

Then few years ago, my bro stepped in again and gifted me another invaluable thing, a small Olympus FE 25 camera. Of course it was a cheap one as he got it from his college time pocket-money savings. But he had no idea what was hidden under that cheap plastic. A beautiful camera. I can only imagine how luck I am that my bro picked this camera. Its super macro is so super that a lot of ‘high end’ camera owner get jealous. Thanks Olympus.

Now I decided to take the next major leap by buying a DSLR. It took me long to invest around 40k in a hobby. But I finally did it. I got myself a Canon 1100D after a lot of thinking. And I am sure that it will prove itself as the best investment I have ever done. πŸ™‚



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    • I don’t know how you missed it πŸ˜€ May be I should have taken the advice by Anshul and made a single blog. Because I have 3-4 blogs and all of them are lying around doing nothing πŸ˜€

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