Going to school..

Going to school

Story behind the photo:

I met these kids in the photo on a trip in rural areas in Pune district. The kids were from a village situated in hills and had very less contact with outside world. Only one or two buses visit in a day, no other means of transport… so these kids walk almost 7-8 kilometers everyday to school. And best part is they did not mind it… they were happy to walk because they wanted to go to school.

That day, they got lift to their school in a Mitsubishi Outlander.. (one of my photographer friends was driving the car all by himself, he was more than happy to give them a lift..) πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Going to school..

  1. That is a beautiful photograph. And a poignant story behind it, one that many of us relate to, having known close people to have done that. Walk miles to go to school.

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