A sweet morning

Sometimes, when I am at my home(town, Karad), I wake up early. As soon as I realize that it’s too early to be true, 😀 I rush to the terrace of my home to look at the Sunrise. This happens rarely. :LOL:

Anyway, on one such occasion, I woke up a little late and realized I had missed the sunrise by a large margin. Though it was not that late and Sun was still just a warm shiny ball in the sky (and not the burning hell 😀 ). So I decided to take a walk through the farms around my home (No, we don’t own them). As usual, most of the farms had Sugarcane as its very common crop in my region. This particular Sugarcane farm in photo was tallest of all. It had flowered and was at its most beautiful stage in its life-span.

The leafs of sugarcane were rustling loudly. It was like standing next to a school during the lunch-time. The leaves seemed to be talking to each other. After straining my ears a little, I thought I heard the tallest one boasting about things he could see around him. Others must be impressed as they were rustling excitedly. But few on the border of the field were slumped. They had seen what had happened to the canes in the next field. They had seen their neighbors being cut brutally by humans and then loaded into carts and trucks. They were taken away, somewhere. The canes on border seemed to be shaken to have witnessed the act of brutality but I guess they were afraid to pass on the message to others. They knew they were next…

Thinking on hypothetical conversation of these Sugarcane’s, a thought struck me. What would you do if you were at their place? What if there was some big storm was coming and there was nothing you could have done to save anyone from it? What would you do if you see the end coming? Would you enlighten the ignorant about the dreadful future? Or you would let them stay in the bliss of ignorance and the innocent assumption that worlds is simply as beautiful as their innocent minds? Would you make them live last few moments of their lives in fear? Or not?

What would I do?… Honestly, I don’t know.

I ignored the conversation of the leaves and ignored the questions arising in my mind. Well, they were hypothetical anyway. I just stood there feeling the warmth of the rising Sun over the coolness of morning breeze.  I stood there smelling the sweetness of fresh air, thanking god for such a sweet morning. Worries can be worried about later, enjoy the show while you still can.

Life is not as simple as it seems, or may be, it is.



2 thoughts on “A sweet morning

  1. Hypothetic. But a true Dilemma. But what if we actually know that the end is coming. Apart from the shock and fear it brings, i think knowing when the time available to us is less, will put a lot of things to its proper perspective. May be we would not fritter away our time with what we deemed doable before. May be we would pay attention to lot of things that we ought to have paid attention to before. All things are looked at from a different perspective and then we might know our true priorities in life taken care of in that order. True, Life is not as simple as it seems, or may be, it is..

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