Shake the camera, baby

shake the camera baby

I have always believed that good Camera quality not compulsory for good photography. It helps to click awesome photos, no doubt, but sometimes, accidents lead to a amazing creation. This photo was taken while travelling in a bus (public transport). The bus was so unsteady when I took this photo that I nearly dropped it out of window. Of cource I was holding it so tight that my knuckles where white with the effort but its difficult to hold a camera steady when you are jumping up and down on your seat 😀

You must be wondering what was it I tried to capture. It was a hotel (called as Dhaba) decorated with lines of colorful small bulbs with one big bulb one hanging on a tree few feet above ground.

Do you think this photo qualifies as an artistic piece of work? Please comment.


10 thoughts on “Shake the camera, baby

  1. If you take the top light out, it will look great! Yes, it is the photographer and not the equipment. I have seen photographers create great work of art with just a Pin hole camera or those old 25$ Holga medium format film cameras. Check this out – . The video podcast is also good. Ted Forbes does say that you can create great photos with even cheap plastic cameras.

  2. Beautiful Pic! Suda!
    seriously! yes, without that bulb it would be an even more beautiful photograph…
    though I personally think that it adds to the photograph in some way…
    😀 didnt know you could take such pics

    and yeah it totally depends on the photographer and not the equipment 🙂

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