We build your house…..


4 thoughts on “We build your house…..

  1. You do have an eye. I liked your pictures. Photography is so much of a precious art that it’s sensitivity can be felt but a very sensitive heart.

    I have been thinking for sometime whether I should be having a blog or not. But now I finally have a blog. The name of my blog is – My Third Eye. In recent times I have discovered a genuine fondness for photography. Capturing the world and its people in still images is a very difficult task. But right now I am trying. I am serious about this hobby. And I will carry on with it for years to come.

    In my new blog I have posted a few pictures that I have taken in recent times. There are four categories. There is also another category which has my sketches. The URL is: http://clickmoments.blogspot.com/

    I will be glad if you pay a visit to it and post your thoughts. I hope others will pour their thoughts in soon. You can even vote in the voting machine at the bottom of my blog. You may even be my follower if you want to. By clicking the ‘Follow this blog’ link on the top left of the page, you may add yourself to the list of my followers. I will be extremely glad.

  2. @Nita

    @Subhanjan Sengupta
    Thanks for such a long comment 🙂

    Monsoon is on its way, I heard it on the news yesterday 😉

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