Old Memory Old Fragrance

See a part of my college. Old construction, Old trees and same old sweet smell. See the yellow flowers everywhere? These big trees are full of thousands of white flowers with such a nice aroma that you can smell it from very long distance. We never used any room freshners in classrooms or labs. The nature just provided us readymade fragrance and beautiful environment to learn.

I miss those days. Really!


4 thoughts on “Old Memory Old Fragrance

  1. Beautiful photo Suda! Reminded me of my own college. Fergusson in Pune. Though actually Fergusson is somewhat larger. But the buildings are old and built in the old colonial style.

  2. Nita
    FC? wow!!!

    Tell me one thing, if we meet some day in future, what I will call you? Nita seems odd to call a woman age of my mummy 🙂 huh???

  3. beautiful, like you see in cinema 🙂 so why did u miss the chance to go meet Nita after all? And what have you decided to cal her? You can cal me Didi, which means elder sis in Bangla 🙂

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