Excellent Transportation

Yeah, this is an example of excellent transportation system. This Ape Piaggio was carrying 4 at front(driver included) + (4 Elders + 2 Children) at middle Seat + 3 persons(including me) in back box(actually I was sitting on a speaker box) + 2 men hanging out at rear end (probably best friends of driver because they didn’t pay him)
= 15 persons.

P.S. By Law, the vehicle has permit of may be 3-4 persons. lol. :-p

And yes, I forgot to count the luggage….. ok leave it, it was plenty to count. 😉

Now some details:

Why this photo is little tilted?

Ans: Do you expect me to hold camera neatly while traveling like this on worlds most bumpy road with full speed? Mind you, these Ape Piaggio’s have great speed, I have driven one once.

Whats so different in this?

Ans: If you ask, nothing. But for a change, look at rear view mirror above left corner ( well, guess who is driver), see the boys expression. Amusing, isn’t it?


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