eyes of a child

Look at picture above….. what you see? a pair of eyes!!!
What they say? Whats going on behind them?
Nothing? Something? Or What?
I also don’t know that (even I was the one who clicked this photo).

Travelling back to my home in country (in a public bus ofcourse), I was little bored. Me and my love, had decided to accompany each other on a long journy. After sleep of a hour or so, the bus started irritating me. So I just took my mobile out and started clicking photos. ( “here we go”, I heard the comment)
Recently I wrote something which expressed my uncommon views on some very common things (I have blog too), and I was thinking of publishing a photoblog of my photography from few days. Staring out the window at things passing by, an idea flashed in my sleepy mind. It made me so excited and thrilled that I nearly jumped in my seat. (“Overacting!!, as usual “, again my girlfriend).
“No”, said I, staring blankly at nothing in perticular, “What if I do start a photoblog which will also have some views of mine…..”
She turned to look at me, “Ohh, Its nice idea dear, but don’t make it have only YOUR views. Let it have views of people.”
I turned to her mouthing “Yeah, I will”, and thinking about where to start, but words never left me. I stopped abruptly when noticed to little eyes. A little girl (merely 3 years old) sitting beside her mother was staring at us with her damn beautiful eyes. I was amazed by steadyness in her look.
“What a timing!” I said before slowly pointing my camera at her. She didn’t flinch or move. She was simply looking at us.
I don’t know what she was thinking, I don’t want know. (may be it as we were only ‘active’ passengers in the bus, she had no other timepass). Whatever! But the look in her eyes…… no need to tell you why I thought of making this photo my first post.


4 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. And I had the same idea myself…a couple of weeks ago, but then I Gave up! 🙂 I already have so many others blogs…quite unmanageable. Good luck with the new blog. I love looking at good photographs.

  2. This is a beautiful photograph and well, kids are my weakness. I will tell you what I see in her eyes.
    Curiosity mixed with wariness. These eyes are mature for a 3 year old.
    As for the blog, it is a good idea to start a photo blog and you can imagine that I too have thought very hard about doing somethign similar as I am an avid photographer. But just like Ruhi, I have too many things on my plate. And I wanted to concentrate on just one blog, where I put pictures too.

  3. she is just innocent and beautiful like all the children on the earth. it is very auspicious you started the blog at this way, may Lord Ganesha bless you with this work. your girlfriend seems also very wise. enjoying your blog! keep going 🙂

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